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Does your hot tub need some TLC? We've got you covered!

                                 Expert Hot tub Solutions

Here at Duck's we know that luxury, relaxation and health are just some of the reasons you own a hot tub and we make it our mission to take the best care of your tub so you can focus on enjoying your tub.

With us you will receive expert service and advice from seasoned professionals. Our goal is maintain excellent service, high quality products with ease and convenience for you, the client. Whether you are in need of a cleaning service, minor repair or major overhaul we have the services for you. New hot tub owner? We can help you out with our spa school and starter kit. A little education goes a long way. Want to make sure your hot tub continues to provide the upmost health benefits? Ask about chemical alternatives for maintaining a healthy tub. Whatever your needs, we are here for you!

*one time service
* weekly & monthly 
*Drain & refill
*Exterior clean
* Winter protection

* troubleshooting
*general repair
*equipment replacement
& more

Spa School
New hot tub owner?
We'll get you started.
*Hot tub education
* inspections