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Time to cover up!

posted Oct 11, 2018, 11:19 AM by Natalie Venmore-Hardman
It’s that time of year again, sweater weather! And that means it’s not just time for us to cover up but in many cases our pools too. Our options for buying pool covers are almost as vast as our options for sweaters these days and it doesn’t stop at type of cover, there are many customizable options depending on your criteria, you really can have whatever you want. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the best way with anything is start at the beginning, so let’s do that. Why do we need a pool cover? Safety? Warmth? Cleanliness? All of the above? Well...yes! All of the above are important but your personal situation may determine one thing to be of greater need than another. Here, we will break down the three most common style of pool cover to help you determine which is best for you.

“The Classic” - What we like to call the classic is a standard winter cover. The classic does a good job at keeping out debris and sunlight. We want to limit light to prevent algae growth and of course, do not want months worth of Fall and Winter debris to clean come spring. This cover will certainly help with these things. The classic is held in place by long, heavy water bags which some do not find aesthetically pleasing. They can also be hard work to place and remove so if you cover your pool yourself you may want to take that into consideration. In addition, this cover will not hold a lot of weight so heavy rainfalls may mean you need to pump some of that excess away, another chore you likely do not want. While a classic is likely the most affordable option to buy it also tends to have a shorter lifespan, often just two or three seasons.

“The Safety” - The Safety is most commonly known as a safety cover. A fantastic load bearer, great for areas with heavy snows. It is typically mesh so allows water to pass through it, the downside of that is that you will open a pool to less than perfect water in the Spring. She is great at keeping out debris. It looks a little like a trampoline, anchored into your deck space, it certainly is secure but not everybody’s favorite thing to look at.The price point is certainly higher than that of the classic but, when looked after, you should get many more years out of her.

“The Auto” - The Automatic Cover, our favorite, pretty much does it all and at the touch of a button. Keeps out debris, light and much bigger things (yes, we have pulled a deer out of a swimming pool). It works beautifully as a solar cover, keeping the warmth in thus economically a good choice and a no brainer if you keep your pool open and heated year round.The auto is a wonderful asset with regards to safety, if you have children or animals it is a fantastic safety barrier (though we continue to recommend pool areas be fenced and locked at all times when not in use and supervised by an adult). This gal really does it all. Her price point may be the highest of the group but you will likely make savings elsewhere. The lifespan of these is long with the ability to maintain and repair if something does go awry, we know auto covers that are 20 years old and still going. To top it all off, they look great, so you know your backyard oasis will look it’s best day or night, summer or winter.

Whichever cover you choose and for whatever reason the best advice we can give is to look after them well and always seek advice from your pool professional!