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It's not over yet!

posted Sep 17, 2018, 7:13 AM by Ryan Wheeler   [ updated Sep 17, 2018, 7:16 AM ]
Labor day has come and gone, the kids are back at school and the leaves are slowly changing but it looks like Summer isn’t quite ready to pack it’s bags and depart. With near record temps here in Colorado there’s still plenty of backyard fun to be had.

If you’re lucky enough to have kept your open past Labor Day it’s important to maintain its cleanliness, especially in these high temperatures. Warm weather and sunlight are the perfect breeding ground for algae and the summer dryness paired with fall winds create excess dust and debris just dying to float right on into your pool. So what can you do to maintain a clean, healthy pool? Well folks, it’s business as usual! Even though your summer schedule has come and gone your pool schedule shouldn’t. Every backyard environment is different so whatever you do during the summer month should be kept up for as long as your pool is open. Regular vacuuming, chemical balancing and daily covering are all important in keeping your pool clean and swimmable through the fall months. Having a weekly cleaning service is by far the best way to keep your pool in top condition and allow you more time to take advantage of the extended Summer.

So what if you closed your pool already? No need to worry, there’s plenty of fun and bargains to be had. September is a great time of year to snap up some backyard bargains. Check out your local department stores, grocery stores and garden centers, pick up some super fun backyard games for discounted prices, maybe some project pieces for the deck or accessories for your grill. The stores need to move that stuff out to make way for the holidays so you can benefit from their need for space.

Moving into to fall also means something else exciting, a matter close to our hearts here at Duck’s...Football! That’s right, we are huge football fans here and one of the things we love most about football is the food. The extended summer weather is perfect for keeping the grill going longer and tailgate food tastes especially good right from the grill. So dry rub that pork butt, season the wings and fire up the grill. Whether you play, watch or ignore football, I think  we can agree that sharing a backyard bite with our loved ones is a perfect way to enjoy the remaining Summer sun.

So folks, remember, it’s not over yet! With or without your pool there’s fun to be had and memories to be mad, so dive in, play the silly game, indulge in BBQ and Fly Eagles Fly!