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Howlin' Halloween

posted Oct 23, 2018, 8:49 AM by Natalie Venmore-Hardman

Love it or hate it Halloween is right around the corner with tricks and treats in store for all.  We want to share one of our favorite ways to enjoy the holiday. What is the at center of every great holiday? FOOD!!!! Halloween is a special holiday because it encourages the use of imagination. Where most of our holidays host a specific and traditional meal Halloween calls for something different. Whether it be a sweet treat for the kids, a gruesome snacks for your visitors or dark and mysterious punch for the adults there are a plethora of fun and thrilling recipes to excite your guests. Here are three of our favorites for you to try this Halloween:

Sweet treats - Chocolate, Caramel Apples with sprinkles

These guys are so much fun, easy to make and great for letting the kids have a go at making. The sprinkles are easy peasy, zero confection talent needed and you can go wild with colors. If you want to gussy it up a little try m&m’s, nuts or even your favorite crushed cookies or cereal.

Gruesome Snacks - Oozing Pizza Skulls

Boy are these a hit! Who doesn’t love pizza? They are tasty and fantastic to look at. The thing I love the most is that you can adjust the recipe to create the pizza filling of your choice. A skull pan can be found easily on amazon and if skulls aren’t your thing you’re sure to find other goulish moulds and pans to fit your taste.

Mysterious Punch - Blood Orange, Blackberry, Rum Punch

Doesn’t the title say it all. Tasty, fruity, refreshing and...bloody? You get what we are going for. This delicious punch is a crowd pleasure, you can dress it up with a garnish of fresh fruit or go theatrical with fake eyeball and hand shaped ice cubes

If Halloween is really not for you then fear not! Turn off the porch light, close the blinds and settle in to your favorite chair with some warm apple cider and catch up on what Netflix has to offer. The wonderful thing about the holiday season is that everybody has their own way of celebrating, or not. Enjoying time with our loved ones is what really matters, however you choose to do it!

Happy Fall Everybody!