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Closing for the season! The reasons for professional pool winterization

posted Sep 4, 2018, 9:28 AM by Ryan Wheeler

The kids are back at school, Labor Day is fast approaching that a golden colored leaf  I see on that tree? Here we are, glassy eyed, getting ready to wave goodbye to another summer and being faced with the decision to leave our pools open or close them for the season. Some are lucky enough to have an indoor pool or an automatic safety cover so staying open makes more sense. For those of us who don’t have these things have you ever wondered why, in fact, we close our pools for the season?

We are here to share with you the importance of proper winterization and why it is best left to the professionals.

Why do we close our pools?

There are many reasons to close your pool for the season and while your neighbor may close for one reason you may close for another but here are some of the benefits to closing your pools for the cold winter months:

  • Protecting your equipment! We all know how important (and costly) our pool equipment is. In order for your pool to perform at it’s best and live a long, healthy life it’s equipment needs to be in top condition. Keeping your pool open can lead to damage caused by freezing temperatures.

  • Energy Saving! Keeping your pool open for the winter requires your pump to be running in order to prevent your lines from freezing. Keeping your pool at a swimmable temperature through the winter requires you to keep your heater running (unless of course you are a polar bear). Running your equipment all winter, through harsh conditions will have an impact on your energy bill thus you can make some savings by switching off and closing down.

  • Maintaining - Saving Time & Money! Keeping your pool running requires maintenance. If you keep your pool open, either you or your pool guy (or both) will need to keep on top of maintenance. Winter storms and Fall leaves cause plenty of dirt and debris which will negatively impact your pool if not kept on top of.

  • Emergency situations! It’s the middle of January, it’s a white out, bitter winds, already several inches of snow on the ground and CRASH! Down comes a tree limb. Power out! You grab your flashlight, sigh at being cut off amid your favorite show and then it hits pool equipment running! The rest, you can imagine, is mayhem!

  • Safety! If you have young kids or wiley animals then you know the stresses concerned with keeping your loved ones safe around the pool. Investing in a safety cover, better yet and automatic cover, and closing up for the winter you can be reassured that your pool remains safe through the winter. Sometimes not having to worry every time you hear the doggy door or notice the kids are quiet is a nice thing!

In short getting your pool properly winterized saves you time, money and gives you peace of mind, and I think we could all use a little more of that!

And for the lucky few who are able and willing to stay open for the winter, we are here, come rain, snow or shine to help take care of your pool needs year round.