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Cleaning your pool after a storm

posted Oct 1, 2018, 12:53 PM by Ryan Wheeler

Brrrr, it’s getting chilly out there. Fall brings some fast changing weather, all of which can play havoc with your pool and spa. Keeping your pool and tub open through October and even the winter is possible but it’s time to take a little extra care and look out for those temperature swings, high winds, rain and storms. Storms and falling debris can leave a real mess in your backyard haven and leaving these messes untreated only make more work for you, with a few simple tips we can help you keep you pool or spa in tip top shape following a storm.

There are 4 steps we like to remember: Check, Clean, Test, Treat!

Check - Checking your pool is the first and possible the most important step following a storm and it can be really simple. Head out to your pool or spa and check in and around. What are we dealing with? Dust and leaves, large debris, obvious damage? The best thing you can do is assess the situation and know your next steps. In areas that suffer severe weather such as hurricanes or tornadoes that damage could be extensive, it is always important to check for suspected leaks and you should call your pool professional for help and advice.

Clean - So you’ve determined how much debris is in your pool. Be sure to move anything large, like branches, lawn furniture etc first. Then it’s time to decide how best to clean from here, know the capabilities of your skimmer and pool vacuum, be sure not to overload them, a heavy amount of leaves and other debris could cause you more issues, so be sure to go ahead and remove as much as you can - or call your pool professional.

Test - A storm ,debris and heavy rains can have a dramatic effect on your pools chemistry so it is important to check chemistry after a storm and before adding more chemicals. You have likely discussed chemical balancing with your pool professional or have experience maintaining it. If, however, you are not sure or are out of supplies your pool professional will be happy to help.

Treat - Now that’s you have tested it’s time to treat. Often times a heavy amount of debris can warrant a shock treatment, however, that is not always the case. Every storm, every pool, every environment provides a different set of circumstances so be sure to treat according to your tests and again, when in doubt, call your pool professional!