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4 Tips To Grill Perfect Steaks

posted Feb 19, 2016, 11:56 AM by Ryan Wheeler   [ updated Feb 24, 2018, 1:09 PM ]

Your pool is more than a relaxing place to cool off on a hot day. It's a lifestyle. Grilling is one of my favorite parts of this lifestyle. Perfect your grilling technique with these simple tips.

Prepping your Steak

Thoroughly dry your steak. Season liberally with salt. There are mixed opinions on how long to allow the salt to sit on the surface of the steak. Some like to do it up to 24 hours in advance. I prefer just an hour or two. This helps to pull more of the moisture from the surface. This may seem counter-intuitive but making sure the surface of the steak is dry actually ends up with an amazingly moist final product. Brush both sides of your steak with oil and give your steak a nice dusting of fresh cracked pepper just before grilling.

Don't Grill a Cold Steak

About a half an hour before grilling remove your steaks from the refrigerator. Allowing your steak to come up to room temperature is vital to encouraging something called the Maillard reaction. Basically this is the chemical reaction that takes place as your steak browns. It is also responsible for the amazing and delicate flavors that make steaks so irresistible.

Use a Hot Grill

We are looking for a temperature around 550F at the grill grate. This usually correlates to about 500F on the hood thermometer. Remember to give the grill grate a nice coat of oil and keep at least one of the burners off for propane grills. For a charcoal grill make sure you leave some space not directly over the coals this is known as a two zone method. If you have a large flare up place your steak in this cool spot and close the lid. The flare up should extinguish itself in seconds as it will use up the oxygen under the lid quickly.

Allow your Steak to Rest

When your steak is done to your liking remove it and place it on a cutting board. Then loosely tent with foil and leave it for 5 minutes. These last moments are vital to allow the steak to reabsorb it's moisture. If you cut into it immediately you allow those juices to run out. Keep in mind the steak will continue to slowly cook so pull it off the grill just slightly rarer than you like it.

Insider Insight

It’s easy to forget about your pool in the cooler temps.  Did you know algae starts to grow at 60 degrees? Open your pool when daytime temps are consistently above that.  This may be earlier than you're used to but will guarantee you open a clean pool.  Also it is easy and inexpensive to maintain during the cool spring months.  Plus it’s ready for that first fun pool day!

Ryan Wheeler
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